Our Mission:
To provide good, basic, comforting food in a warm,
fun, convivial atmosphere.
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Christina and company
Stock Up & Pick Up
Our Oat Bread is as close
as we get to a classic white
sandwich bread.  The oats
add an additional note of
flavor and it's one of the
favorites around here,
especially with children.
Our Tomato Basil Bread is
one that Christina has been
making since her kids were
little - they always thought
she was making pizza for
them! The aroma is
fabulous, as well as the
full-bodied flavor. You're
sure to love it.
Our Carrot Ginger Bread
has lots of fans! It is one of
the most unusual breads
you will come across and it
makes a fabulous sandwich,
pairing well with almost any
filling you can imagine!
Our Multi-Grain Bread is
a favorite with those who
like a hearty flavor. With
extra protein and the
addition of flax seed, it
makes a great sandwich!
Our Homemade Artisan Sandwich Bread gets rave reviews. Any bread used
for sandwiches is best if they are one day old. It needs time to release the
heat of baking and to stabilize. Toasting just before use, as we do here at the
Polka Dot Café, brings out all the flavor inherent in these wonderful breads.
Each loaf is over two pounds, giving you lots to love. There are no
preservatives. We use eggs, wheat flour and oats in all the breads, so
they are not gluten free, just some of the best bread you will ever eat!
Each loaf is $8 plus tax.
Call Christina directly for large orders.

We bake on Wednesdays,Thursdays, and Fridays. Orders placed by 5 p.m.
week days will be ready for pick up a day or two day later and you will be
notified by phone. Orders placed on the weekend will be ready for
pick up on Thursdays unless you ask for another day.
Be sure to leave your number in the 'Notes' section of your order.
Our Beet Bread is an
unexpected hit with many
of our customers.  The
rosy color is a delight and
it pairs well with so many of
our sandwich fillings, and
is especially good with
roast beef.
Wednesday through Sunday, 11 to 3 p.m.
Lunch and dessert - "homemadeatopia"
We serve all our sandwiches on toasted bread, and you are
sure to love it too.  Try it with some of our
Honey Butters,
Hummus, or Chicken Salad.  Just delicious!  
Our Whole Grain Beer
is made with grain
used in the local brewing of
beer.  To the ingredients we
add more beer, which gives
this bread a deliciously
sweet and nutty flavor.

Photo coming