Our Mission:
To provide good, basic, comforting food in a warm,
fun, convivial atmosphere.
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Christina and company
We are growing quite rapidly. We are committed to serving the gluten free public
as well as everyone else, and we love to make bread!  We always have GF
bread available for any of our Sandwiches.

We bake several desserts each week, most often yummy GF treats that fool
nearly everyone and make the GF among us swoon.

We also make our own Ice Cream!  It's probably the best you will have.  We love
to invent new flavor combinations such as Cookies & Cream Fudge and
Smoking' Mocha, a coffee flavored ice cream with Hickory Smoked Almonds.

We often mention the items on FB or you can call us for the information.

Call us at
908-638-9066 or send a note to the address below.  
We'd love to hear from you!
Summer MENU
Our Homemade Artisan Bread – by the loaf                      $8.00
Oat, Multi-grain, Tomato Basil, Carrot Ginger usually
& Beet by request
Also available Sliced & Frozen

Our Own BAKED GOODS - usually 4-5 kinds of Cookies, 2 kinds
of Scones, 2 types of Brownies, and many items are gluten-free.

All Polka Dot Sandwiches are made on your choice of our available
breads with Lettuce & Tomato as you please. GF bread +$1 slice
• Chicken Salad Sandwich, with a touch of basil                 $8.95
• Egg Salad Sandwich                                                          $7.95
• Peanut Butter & Jelly                                                        $6.95
• Almond Butter & Jam                                                        $8.95
• Avocado & Egg                                                                  $6.95
• BLT                                                                                      $6.95
• Avocado & Egg BLT!                                                          $9.95
• Chickpea or Black Bean Hummus                                   $4.95
with lemon & garlic served with corn chips                     

Single                                                                                    $3.00
Double Dog                                                                          $5.00
Onion Dog - fresh red onions                                           $4.00
Onion Dog with Cheese                                                     $5.00
Bacon & Cheese Dog                                                         $5.00
Deluxe: Onion, Bacon, Cheese                                         $7.00
• Ice Cream for Two – Tubs to go                                      $6.00
LOTS of flavors in tubs right now! We always have Vanilla
Bean, Chocolate, Strawberry, and Cookies & Cream Fudge -
our standards.
• Frozen Yogurt POPS                                                        $4.00
Tons of flavors here too!

• Our Iced Tea Bar is a hit with the addition of Lemonade
Mix and match the flavors for a custom blend          
• Sodas & Flavored Seltzers                                              $2.00
• Poland Spring Water                                                        $1.00
• Ice Coffee - with coffee ice cubes - 2 sizes                 $4 - $4.50
We now have Fresh Fruit Cups and Yogurt & Granola Cups for
the early morning, along with
Hot Dogs topped with Scrambled

Please call ahead for selections and quantity orders.
We do our best to accommodate special diets, just ask.  
Wednesday through Sunday, 11 to 3 p.m. at #76 Main
Lunch and dessert - "homemadeatopia"