Our Mission:
To provide good, basic, comforting food in a warm,
fun, convivial atmosphere.
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Christina and company
Wednesday through Sunday, 11 to 3 p.m.
Lunch and dessert - "homemadeatopia"
Stock Up & Pick Up
(order by Wednesday Night)
We make wonderfully delicious Pot Pies for pick up on Friday evenings at 5
p.m., our
Friday Night Pot Pie Party.  We offer Chicken Pot Pie, Beef Pot
Pie, Mac & Cheese
and  Mac & Cheese with Bacon.  We can make any of
them gluten free upon request. Each
Pot Pie is just under one pound, which
makes it a substantial meal.  All are topped with our
Breadcrumbs for a delightful contrast of flavors and textures. Our customers
often freeze a few to have on hand. Please order by Wednesday before 5
p.m. to give us time to specially make them. Take Friday night off from
cooking and order a few!
Chicken Pot Pie is a perennial
classic.  We make ous with lots
of juicy chicken and tender
vegetables in a delectable gravy.

$12.95 each plus tax
Our Beef Pot Pie is just
luscious. Vegetables and
tender, marinated beef
combine with a flavorful sauce
for the perfect ready-made
meal any night.

$12.95 each plus tax
Mac & Cheese is another
classic around here.  Cheddar
and other flavorful cheeses
combine with elbow macaroni
to make a creamy and
delicious entree.

$10.95 each plus tax
We also make our Mac &
Cheese with Bacon to up the
flavor quotient even more.  
The right choice for a bacon

$11.95 each plus tax