Our Mission:
To provide good, basic, comforting food in a warm,
fun, convivial atmosphere.
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Christina and company
Wednesday through Sunday, 11 to 3 p.m.
Lunch and dessert - "homemadeatopia"
Stock Up & Pick Up
We make a variety of soups from scratch during the cooler weather.  We
typically stock them from September through April.  We freeze them by the
quart so that we can have them available anytime for you to take home.  Pair
it with a loaf of our famous
Artisan Sandwich Bread and you have a whole
meal.  Anyone for homemade
Ice Cream for dessert?

Bone Broth
(photo coming
Our Sausage and Black Bean Soup
is the most requested soup we make.  
Hearty and delicious, with carrots,
celery and onions, with just a hint of
spice, it's the perfect soup for cooler

$12 per quart plus tax
Chicken Mushroom Soup is a
favorite at the Polka Dot Café.
Chunks of freshly roasted chicken
are swimming in our flavorful stock
accompanied by lots of veggies and
mushrooms to top it off.

$12 per quart plus tax
I love the intense flavors of our
Chuck Wagon Soup.  With lots of
ground  beef and a bit of tomato,
the big chunks of vegetables
really shine through.

$12 per quart plus tax
Our Split Pea with Ham Soup is
so thick and yummy!  The flavor is
exceptional and it really fills you
up, just the thing for the cooler
days ahead.

$12 per quart plus tax
The base of all our soups, with the
exception of any vegan offerings
we might have, is our own
Broth Stock
, made from
vegetables and chicken.  Use it to
start your own soup empire!

$10 per quart plus tax