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fun, convivial atmosphere.
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Tea & Polka Dot Scones  
TEMPORARY Hours until the Hunker Down Time ends:
Wednesday through Sunday, 11 to 3 p.m. & whenever our

'OPEN' sign is lit up!
Lunch and dessert - "homemadeatopia"
I was given this recipe by an immigrant Irish woman.  It had been used in
her family for generations.  The Scones are light and fluffy, and very moist
even before they are slathered with butter.  I'm told this is quite exceptional.

As I have continued to research Scones I have found that most recipes don't
seem to have the same ingredients as mine, in fact one was touting the fact
that there were only 3 ingredients needed to make the scones.

I tried the same recipe with gluten-free flour and found that they were even
more tender than the originals made with classic wheat flour.  

So please stop by any day we are open to order a pot of Tea and a couple of
Scones, fresh from the oven. We serve them with butter, assorted jams, and
High Bridge Honey Butter, made in our kitchen,

Treat yourself!

(For groups of four or more please call ahead.)